From Blog to Book

Meet my newest book.

Starting in March 2020, sheltering in place became commonplace, courtesy of an unwelcome viral guest’s arrival on the global scene. Though client work creating technical and business publications was ongoing, time spent going to and from work sites, attending meetings, and participating in conferences waned.

With the gift of time came opportunities to explore new tools and create new products. A Step, a Stroll, a Blog, a Book: Collecting My Thoughts is the result of one employee’s desire to learn Jutoh to create an eBook without first creating a print book. Learn it, he did. Another employee with a keen eye helped with the cover design. Once the eBook was completed, we created the print book. Both are now available for your reading pleasure.

For content, we used a decade of my blog postings. It quickly became apparent that postings written from 2011 through 2021 could not be used as is. Thus, I grouped, organized, and edited them to make a readable book.

Take a stroll through the pages of this new book. You might just learn how a step becomes a stroll and how a blog becomes a book. You’ll see what it takes to make progress.

Along the way, may you become inspired to take steps that lead to exciting, fun, new projects for you and those with whom you work and live.


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