Wrap it up…

For someone who is much more adept at creating with words than creating with pictures, I’m learning how much fun it is to match words with pictures. While in the process of updating my three books and branding them with a consistent look and feel, I’m preparing to redo the book cover for my first book, Career Success in 12 Easy Steps: A Journal.

In my quest for pictures, I discovered Pixabay.com, which provides “Beautiful Free Images.” I searched combinations of key words such as careers, success, steps, stairs, path, journal, and more. I discovered many, many images from very talented artists that are available for commercial use. My idea is to wrap the entire book cover—front, back, and spine—with an image. I’m considering the three options below. Option 1 includes the wrap and overlay. Of course, the covers and spine will include the appropriate text.


Option 1: Word wrap


Option 1: Overlay for word wrap


Option 2: Steps wrap


Option 3: Sand wrap

About the book

Throughout this journal, you will meet new friends—Darren Dreamer, Mark Mystified, Danny Discovery, Betsy Benevolent, Rose Repertoire, Stacey Success, and others—whose career success can inspire you as you evolve and transition to the next phase of your worklife. Like them, you will create your own success story. Career Success in 12 Easy Steps: A Journal can serve as your friend, your confidante, and your guide. Use it to think, explore, doodle, draw, dream, and act—whether you are reading in the quiet of your home or sharing with other seekers in a group setting.

Your turn

Considering what the book is about and its title, Career Success in 12 Easy Steps: A Journal, what cover wrap do you like? I would love your feedback.

  1. Joy Underhill said:

    Hi Judy. I like Option 2 or 3, and they both speak to your topic. Option 3 might be easier to design around, since it’s not as busy or colorful as Option 2. Option 1 just doesn’t grab me.

    • Thanks, Joy. I’ll take your comments into consideration when deciding on the cover wrap.

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