Tis the season…


Tis the season of lights. Whether a flame that miraculously flickers long past the expected time, an antidote that casts out darkness, or a beacon that guides, lights glow—just like Rudolph’s shiny nose. When our own light shines, we, too, sparkle. We radiate. We wear an aura that makes our world a bit brighter.

During this season, let your light shine by dwelling in a happy place. Bask in memories of moments that put a smile on your face, pep in your step, and warmth in your heart.

I will do the same, right here, right now.


One morning, I stopped, as I often do, for breakfast. I read a little, collect my thoughts, and scribble a few to-do notes. I eat, I drink, I pay, and I leave. On this day, the check for my breakfast did not arrive. When I asked the waitress for it, she said, “You’re all set.” While placing a tip on the table, she added, “You’re all set with that, too.” A patron at the restaurant gave the waitress money to pay for someone’s breakfast. “I chose you,” the waitress said. That was one delicious start to my day.

On another morning, at a different venue, I purchased coffee to go and later discovered a surprise treat in the bag, something yummy to enjoy with my coffee. I stopped in the next day to say thank-you and pay for this item when I learned that this treat was a freebie. Why? “Because I like your face!” How sweet is that.

“Thank you for coming here today.” That’s the greeting I regularly heard at a client site whenever I arrived to do some work. Before I settled in to tackle a writing project, I was in a happy mood. How nice to hear words of appreciation said with sincerity.

Arriving home one winter day, my car just wouldn’t make it up my snowy, icy driveway. The more I tried, the more the wheels spun. I was plain stuck. A young man walking home from school stopped and offered, “I can push.” And push he did until my car was out of the rut and safely parked in the garage. Then he insisted I hand him a shovel. “I really want to clear your driveway. It will be good for me.” What a guy!

I am aglow remembering these thoughtful acts of kindness that I received.


I recently watched a friend wrap gifts she purchased for each member of a family. She does not know this family. She only knows that during this holiday season, a family is in need.

When told that storm victims from warmer climates were preparing for a cold winter in our community,  I watched others in my circle rally with coats or cash to buy them.

Not too long ago, I witnessed a flurry of phone calls to alert others to a situation that required their immediate help. The timely generosity of many made someone’s difficulty bearable.

On visits to a familiar neighborhood, I noticed that one individual installed a large garbage can in an area where there are many passersby. Another individual I know regularly empties it so that the contents do not overflow.

Remembering these touching moments puts me in a happy place.

Your turn

How about you? What memories of kindnesses received or witnessed warm your heart and set you aglow like our friend Rudolph?

  1. Wonderful! Most of my days are like this 😇🎄👼🎅🌹🌻🐦

  2. Receiving and witnessing acts of kindness puts us in a happy place. Bestowing acts of kindness puts us in a very happy place.

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