Inspire thyself

You, too, can inspire thyself!

You, too, can inspire thyself!

In-spire. Yes, breathe in. Take in some fresh air. Become refreshed. Become renewed. Look, listen, touch, smell, taste from the many creations in art, crafts, literature, movies, music, and nature that surround you. Many of these sources of inspiration are others’ creations. Yet, some sources may come from you—at an earlier time, perhaps in a different place. Look back at your work, and let it move you to something better, something great, maybe even something profound.

In the two plus years that Career Success in 12 Easy Steps—A Journal has been available, I have written blogs and presentation material for seminars and webinars—all intended to inspire and motivate others—and myself—to move their life in a positive direction.

And now is a time to pause, to reflect  on my own words.

“See yourself as a whole person, a human being who is capable, qualified, and well-equipped to do the task! …Do not become an obstacle to your success. See yourself as you could yet become. See your competencies, strengths, achievements, and potential. Find opportunities—flawed and imperfect as you are—to grow and thrive.” Source: Adapted from blog posting, Give away that which you hope to receive.

“Signs of innate talents and aptitudes become apparent, evolve, and are always there. Many options exist for ways to use these talents and aptitudes…We learn what we need to know to succeed at our work. From novice to competent worker to specialist to expert, we evolve. Sparks emerge. Energy ignites. Motivation is present. Inspiration appears. Something happens unexpectedly. We like what we are doing. We are good at it. Others notice. We notice.” Source: Shenouda book notes

“Earlier dreams have crystallized. We have already succeeded in fulfilling some of our dreams—at least partially. Dreams change and evolve. Our new dream may not be new at all. It may simply be a variation on a theme. We can own the dream—and then take action.” Source: Shenouda book notes

“Guided journaling offers a way to reflect, gain clarity, discover your right livelihood, create a plan, and take actions. Remembering and owning past successes builds confidence, motivation, and energy, fueling new dreams that propel you forward.” Source: Blog posting, Pour patterns, thoughts, connections, and ideas onto paper.

My book has served me well. It has become a repository, a wellspring for ideas to explore in writing and in talking. And I have continued to do both! Presentations developed and delivered include Accentuate the Positive, Wake Up to Your Dreams, Own Your Competencies, Communicate Your Value, Keep Your Reservoir Full, and Create a Successful Work and Life.

As co-founder of Thinking Forward, a troupe of speakers committed to communicating new ideas, improving communities for good, and simply being awesome, more opportunities to write and talk, to grow and thrive are clearly in view.

So how about you? Looking back, what have you created that inspires you today? I would love to know!


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