I’ll see you again

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Having my wonderful mother for so many years has been an immeasurable blessing. A source of love, encouragement, joy, and inspiration, she passed away on December 27, 2012. She is—and ever will be—in my heart. I would like to share her with you through my tribute at her memorial service on December 30, 2012.

“Judy, you talk to them.” This is what my Ma would say to me when she was occupied. And so I will share what I believe Ma would say, because these are sentiments she has conveyed over many years.

Sandra dear, you know how to cook everything just the way I like it. If Judy decides to cook, tell her exactly what to do. You and Mike and the grandchildren and great-grandchildren you raised gave me enormous, constant joy. Dawn, Dave, and Steve have been my protectors from the time they were very young. I am so grateful. Please take care of your sister and brothers.

Judy dear, my next born, you have been my angel, my peaceful joy. You have gone through everything with me. G-d will richly bless you in His way for your devotion.

Bobby dear, I am so very proud of you, for the professional man you became. For every family occasion, you were here—with pies and cookies and treats. Keep up your running and take good care of Miss Callie!

Larry dear, what can I say? You adapted our home to meet my every need, from marking the octaves on my piano to adding railings to the stairway to making beautiful furniture. You made it possible for me to thrive at home. You have been a rock—to me and to our whole family. Please keep up your mountain hiking. And make some clocks. Maxine will help you sell them!

Richie dear, my precious baby! You were my superman, flying down the street in your cape, a towel tied around your neck. You opened every jar, using your superhuman strength! And you have continued to be a strong, yet gentle, compassionate, kind, wonderful son. I love you and Meg and my handsome, talented grandsons, Sam and Jake. They will be big shots one day!

And my wonderful nieces and nephews—Shirley, Maxine, Marty, Suzi, Gerry, Janet, and Syd—I have loved you as I have loved my own and am ever grateful for your special gifts.

There are so many others to thank for a wonderful life and now to comfort. You know who you are. Please be there for one another.

I’ll see you again.

  1. And to my dear Aunt Jeanette, my Ma’s sister, Ma would say, “Carry on.”

  2. Anonymous said:

    What a wonderful Mom, thoughtful and loving. She was a blessing!

  3. Anonymous said:

    Mothers are our best cheerleaders. They continue to help us see our strengths no matter our age. What a good mom!

  4. Anonymous said:

    Mothers are our best cheerleaders to the end and beyond. The role is never quite filled in the same way by others.

  5. Lisa said:

    Judy, a wonderful picture of a happy woman. She obviously loved you as much as you loved her.

  6. To those of you who have written comments, I thank you! This week, on Valentine’s Day, remember those sweet hearts, no longer in our midst, who have loved you.

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