Pour patterns, thoughts, connections, and ideas onto paper

In a recent phone interview with Jill Berquist of the People With Purpose community, our conversation centered around journaling—specifically, what I call guided journaling. This is the technique used in Career Success in 12 Easy Steps | A Journal to move readers, journalers, and seekers of career success from steps 1 and 2, Wake up to Your Dreams and Build on Your Successes, all the way to steps 11 and 12, Bestow Unto Others and And Also Receive. This approach can work for all kinds of success—business, professional, personal, retirement, and more.
Like a friend or confidante, guided journaling takes the reader by the hand. Your guide tells stories that inspire you, provides quotes that resonate, asks question that probe, and, throughout, affirms you as a capable person. Each page in a guided journal invites a response, opening your mind and heart to possibilities.
Guided journaling offers a way to reflect, gain clarity, discover your right livelihood, create a plan, and take actions. Remembering and owning past successes builds confidence, motivation, and energy, fueling new dreams that propel you forward.
There is power to pouring tired patterns, errant thoughts, disjointed connections, and fresh ideas onto paper. Here the life of the mind becomes a separate entity with which to interact.
If you prefer starting with a blank page, keep a notebook with you and write, write, write. If you want a journal that guides you along, peruse the bookstore for that perfect guided journaling tool. Consider sharing your journaling journey with a friend, coach, teacher, parent, spouse, or group. As life’s possibilities unfold for you, let us hear from you.
You can read Jill’s summary of her interview with Judy and hear the audio here.


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