Hurray for you!

Do you know someone who, in your eyes, is successful? He wins every game, has friends ever seeking his wise counsel, and is the go-to guy whenever a problem surface. She is the one selected to represent the school or the office, mediates among conflicting views, and always volunteers to do what’s needed. Like you, there are people I consider winners. Yet, they sell themselves short! In their own eyes, they have not yet arrived. They believe they are just not quite good enough. Somehow, they do not see themselves as successful.

How can we help our esteemed friends to see themselves in a more positive light? We can point out the contributions they make―often unbeknownst to them―that make a difference to us. “Tom, thank you for providing backup support on my project. As a result, I was able to get away for a much needed break.” “Sharon, I appreciate your effort arranging the event. I know it took time to find the perfect location, order the refreshments, send out notices, and greet attendees. With the details covered, I could focus on my presentation.”

Tom can feel good about his ability and willingness to back up a colleague, knowing that he supported someone’s wellness.Sharon can take pride in her attention to detail, knowing it contributed favorably to the overall event.

Now, how can we see ourselves as worthy, successful winners? We can pay attention when others say thank you and take their appreciation to heart. And, when a thank you is not forthcoming, we can still relish in the many ways―small and large― that we do our part, knowing it makes a difference somewhere, somehow, to someone.

Now, what have you done today that benefits another? Let us know, and we promise to shout, “Hurray for you!”

  1. It is so important to give yourself and others recognition for good work. It builds great teams and motivates. Thanks for this blog!

    • You’re very welcome, Brian. When we have motivation, anything is possible!

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