What are you wearing?

The right outfit for you

Laura Petruchik worked for my business, Shenouda Associates Inc., as a technical writer before starting her family. We have stayed in touch through the years. I was delighted to learn how Laura benefited from journaling through Career Success in 12 Easy Steps. In response to my email wishing Laura and her family a happy new year, she wrote, “I’ve been wanting to get in touch with you to let you know that your book has made a wonderful difference in my life! Your email prompted me to finally write a review. I won’t give it away. I’ll let you read it (posted on Amazon).”

Here’s Laura’s book review, posted on Amazon.com:

What a gem! Before reading this book, I was truly at a crossroad. Years as a successful professional, followed by many more years as a stay-at-home mom, then some time trying to re-introduce myself to my previous career. Something just wasn’t right. Being a mom had changed me, changed the way I look at the world and my role in it. I wanted something different for myself—a new career—a new definition of Me. The process seemed painfully slow and frustrating. After all, my biological career clock was ticking! Career Success in 12 Easy Steps was the key to my self-discovery. I was curiously journaling my way through the book and came to a halt in the section that asks you to envision yourself in your dream job. Never would I define myself as a fashionista, but the question “What are you wearing?” led me to my Ah-ha moment. I pictured myself in casual sporty clothes, holding a patient chart. Combining this with other pieces of the puzzle I had put together with the help of this book, I am now back in college studying to be a Physical Therapy Assistant. I have found my new passion. Sometimes the key is in the smallest of details. Career Success in 12 Easy Steps is a wonderful way to assess, to evaluate, and to tease out those details. What are YOU wearing in your dream job?

A success story starts with having a dream and taking the next steps. Kudos to Laura for discovering her new passion and returing to college to make her new passion a reality! Now, what are you wearing in your dream job?


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