I helped you. I received my reward. The score is even.

I was inspired recently when a LinkedIn colleague, Yvonne F. Conte, Corporate Culture Expert, Keynote Speaker and Author at Humor Advantage, Inc., from my hometown, Syracuse, NY, said that the best birthday present for her upcoming big day would be reading about others’ good deeds. Since getting my recent book into the hands, hearts, and minds of those who could benefit continues to be a top priority, I set out to do just that, believing that doing so would be a good deed.

At various meetings and events, I have given away my book as a door prize. At times, I have given away more copies than I intended, just because I felt like it. And guess what? Recipients purchased copies—for the 20-something child seeking direction, the recently downsized friend, the local library. I have received flowers and dinner, referrals to speak at meetings, and the wonderful company of new friends.

What I learned about doing good should not surprise you! You likely know this already. When you give, somehow it comes back to you, from somewhere. My mother—ever a source of wisdom—told me that years ago, a Mr. P visited regularly to provide spiritual support. They read religious texts and talked about many aspects of their life, including the challenges that Mr. P faced with his children who were struggling. In time, Mr. P and his family moved away. Some time later, when Mom received a letter from Mr. P, she learned that his children were thriving. To this day, she believes that this letter from Mr. P carried a bigger message: I helped you. I received my reward. The score is even. Enough said.

On your big day, Yvonne, smile, laugh, and delight in reading of the many good deeds that those in our midst do, day in and day out.

  1. Julia said:

    So true. Your stories reminded me of something I heard the other day: when you are a producer of love instead of just a consumer, you never run out!

  2. What a wonderful saying! It reinforces for me one of my 12 easy steps: Keep Your Reservoir Full. That way, we can be producers of love. Thank you, Julia.

  3. I’ve heard from lots of people how giving leads to receiving. It all comes back around. We create the kind of world we want! Thanks Judy for your wonderful work. Brian

  4. You are so welcome, Brian. From Julia’s comment, I am reminded that we are producers of love. From your comment, I am reminded that we can also be creators of a better world!

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