Dreams, goals, transformations, and transitions

Changes… entries marked with the dreams, goals, transformations, and transitions category explore the transformations that occur as we reach for our dreams and succeed at achieving our goals. During the transition from our current state to our future state, be prepared for the unexpected. Allow luck, opportunity, and serendipity to work their magic! Do you wish for a change? Let us know, and we may just wave our magic wand.

  1. donna said:

    This to me is the most important part of your book, because success seems empty unless it fulfills your dreams and meets your goals. Your book helps to sort out just what those deep-felt dreams are, and helps identify ways to achieve those dreams. You help think “outside of the box” so that dreams and goals are not only possible, but attainable. Thank you!

  2. And thank you, Donna, for conveying so well that dreams are attainable. Remember the song, The Impossible Dream? It started with, “To dream the impossible dream.” Let’s change the song to The Possible Dream and sing out, “To dream the possible dream.” Who knows how we might just transform our world!

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