Self-discovery and self-actualization through exploration and reflection

Posts marked with this category promote self-discovery and self-actualization through exploration and reflection. Questions, prompts, and journaling techniques are intended to help you write your story. We will invite the muse to find a home in each of us! Have you written your own success story? Where is it? We would love to read all about it.

  1. I wholehearedly agree with you, Jim! Others can ask us life’s questions, but each of us must discover our own answers. To do that, know thyself and heal thyself are key.

  2. Jim Dillon said:

    This is a great section! My belief is that, without good insights into ourselves, it is often easy to miss the mark in other areas of our life. Nice work!

  3. It would be nice to have some prodding too.
    It is a little unfair to say people will just self actualize, with no personal growth work.

    Sure there are many who don’t need it and will discover it on their own, but there are many, many, that just go round and round in a rut.

  4. Thank you, self discovery! You are right that there is work involved. Prodding, encouraging, guiding, and coaching are all important to helping others (and ourselves) get off the merry-go-round and clarify the goal and the path.

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