Welcome to Career Success in 12 Easy steps. In this blog, we will move forward and closer to achieving our career, world-of-work goals. Let’s think of this blog as a friend, confidante, and guide. We will use it to think, explore, doodle, draw, dream, and act. This is our time to take charge of our work and our life. As we explore how to apply life’s lessons learned to career goals, we will tackle our unique challenges, evolve, and transition to the next phase of our worklife. Together, let’s create beautiful, remarkable success stories that others can emulate.
For more information about Judy Shenouda, Shenouda Associates Inc., and Career Success in 12 Easy Steps: A Journal, please visit the easescommunication website.

~~ Judith Shenouda (commonly known as Judy)

  1. Steven Meltzer said:

    “Career Success in 12 Easy Steps” came along at the perfect time. I was in the early stages of my job search and with the help of these steps I was able to create a plan and execute flawlessly eliminating unnecessary wasted time. I found a job that was a good fit in a short period of time despite living in a market with 14% unemployment.

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