Monthly Archives: October 2011

Posts labeled with activities, resources, and tools include activities to help you achieve success, resources that may be useful on your path to success, and tools to help you plan out your journey. Out of so many options, what activities, resources, and tools do you treasure? How have they served you well?


What is it about you that sets you apart from others? It is the unique set of capabilities, talents, and strengths that you bring to the table. That table includes your home, your community, the workplace, and the world. Not sure what you have to offer? The posts in this category are dedicated to a discovery and ownership of the brilliance that radiates from each of us! Think about it. Where do you really shine?

Posts in the Careers category address everything to do with careers. We will use key words, such as employment, jobs, labor, entrepreneur, and work, to explore and discover ways to earn a living and make a meaningful life. What work do you do that really speaks to your heart? Is your work truly a labor of love? Please let us know!

Posts in the decision-making, problem-solving, and organizing category demonstrate techniques to use our noggin. Using our brain power, we explore how to think critically and creatively about the ways to reach our destination. Our minds can find the detours around any roadblock! Are you encountering a roadblock right now? What is it? Maybe we can problem solve it together.

Changes… entries marked with the dreams, goals, transformations, and transitions category explore the transformations that occur as we reach for our dreams and succeed at achieving our goals. During the transition from our current state to our future state, be prepared for the unexpected. Allow luck, opportunity, and serendipity to work their magic! Do you wish for a change? Let us know, and we may just wave our magic wand.

Navigating the journey to success can be challenging at times, especially when unexpected boundaries, limitations, and obstacles surface. Entries marked with the journey and navigation category address ways to map out a journey from where you are to where you want to be. Knowing that the road has its bumps, we will explore ways to find and take alternative routes to success. Have you mapped out your path to success? We would love to hear about it!

Finding it difficult to keep your energy up to follow your dream? Posts labeled with the motivation and inspiration category include that spark that motivates you to continue on your path or inspires you to discover a new one. We will post examples of what ignites and share stories of those who are on fire (so to speak)! Are you brimming with passion for work that you love? We can’t wait to hear about it!